POMANDÈRE was born in 2008, its name referring to the linen & cotton sachets containing spices & pomegranates which were put in chests and drawers to scent the linen. The brand, created by the young designer Carlo Zanuso, moves its steps in the family shirts’ workroom. The concept that underlies Pomandère is to translate the tradition dictated by the family background and craftsmanship in a contemporary product. The total look has started from the shirt, that inevitable article of Pomandère identity. This item, from collection to collection, has been surrounded by many others blended in a clean and retro mood.

In doing that the common denominator is represented by the continuing research, focused to the particular care for details and materials, and an aim to fulfill the contemporary woman’s demand for unique clothing. Hence Pomandère inspiring muse identifies herself in her capacity to be versatile and determined at the same time, since she combines a tomboy look with feminine taste and aptitude.


East Coast

West Coast